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Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal 2014 -2016 Editorial Board and Note from the Editors Abstract   PDF
Eriny Hanna, Jelena Belenzada
Vol 6 (2010): A Butterfly Answers Customer Service Calls in China: The Tempestuous Response to Service Offshoring Across the Globe and Why It’s Irrational Abstract   PDF
Joseph P Hogan
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 A Qualitative Examination of the Political and Policy Development of Indiana’s School Scholarship Act (House Bill 1003) Abstract   PDF
Shawn Ellis
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Abu Ghraib, 2004: Doctrinal Confusion of American Military Police Abstract   PDF
Shelby House
Vol 4 (2008): Acoustical Properties of Speech as Indicators of Depression and Suicidal Risk Abstract   PDF
Michael Joshua Landau
Vol 4 (2008): Activity Based Proteomic Profiling of Lysophosphatidic Acid Treated Cancer Cells Abstract   PDF
Aryeh B Hillman
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator: His Reliance on Societal Values, Limits in Inspiring Altruism, and Application in Today's Context Abstract   PDF
Jung Min Shin
Vol 3 (2007): Advertising an Agenda? Examining the Consistency between Campaign Issue Emphasis and Presidential Issue Priorities, 1980-2001 Abstract   PDF
Christopher S. Randolph, Jr.
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Age-related Differences in Emotion Recognition Ability: Visual and Auditory Modalities Abstract   PDF
Sishir Mannava
Vol 3 (2007): Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution and Eutrophication: A Survey of Environmental Responsibility in the Federal System and Case Study of the Chautauqua Lake Watershed, New York State Abstract   PDF
John N Haskell
Vol 3 (2007): An Analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Understanding of Medicine and its Influence on His Work Details   PDF
Krish Vigneswaran
Vol 6 (2010): An Analysis of the Random Walk Hypothesis based on Stock Prices, Dividends, and Earnings Abstract   PDF
Risa Leigh Kavalerchik
Vol 5 (2009): Anthrax: Real Threat or Useful Scare Tactic? Abstract   PDF
Sarah N O'Donohue
Vol 7 (2011): Authenticating Identity: The Quest for Personal Validation through Authenticity in Music Abstract   PDF
Emily Cannon Green
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Autotrophic Ethos in Mill's Arboretum Abstract   PDF
Christopher R. Taylor
Vol 4 (2008): Beethoven and the Influence of Viotti and the French School on Nineteenth Century Violin Repertoire Details   PDF
Taylor Riane Matchok
Vol 3 (2007): Bilingualism and Cultural Identity Development: Case Studies for an Interactive Perspective Abstract   PDF
Charles Terry Marcrum II
Vol 6 (2010): Bioarchaeological Insights on Dental Health and Diet After the Fall of the Wari Empire in the Peruvian Andes Abstract   PDF
Alysha L Tribbett, Tiffiny Tung
Vol 9 (2013) Black and Gold... and Army Green Abstract   PDF
Christopher Charles Colletta
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Brahms, Rhythm, and the Renaissance Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Heisey
Vol 9 (2013) CARP Plays a Key Role in Cellular Growth Under Hypertrophic Stimuli in Neonatal Rat Ventricular Myocytes Abstract   PDF
Tara A Shrout
Vol 9 (2013) Characterizing Acquired Resistance to TKIs in EGFR Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines Abstract   PDF
Jing Sun
Vol 9 (2013) Chemical and Physical Analyses of Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Kavya Sharman
Vol 9 (2013) China Looks to the Sea: A Historical Analysis of Geopolitical Strategy Abstract   PDF
Benjamin W. Juvelier
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Comparing the Impact of Religious Discourse on HIV/AIDS in Islam and Christianity in Africa Abstract   PDF
Sloane Speakman
Vol 1 (2005): Confronting the Problems of Professional Sports: A Public Policy Response to Franchise Relocation and Stadium Subsidization Abstract   PDF
Taylor F Brinkman
Vol 5 (2009): Courting the Youth Vote in 2008: The Obama Effect Abstract   PDF
Lindsey C Bohl
Vol 4 (2008): Culinary Tourism in the Music City: The Place of Culinary Icons and Local Flavors in Nashville Tourism Abstract   PDF
Heather L Benzmiller
Vol 9 (2013) Design and Control of a Free-Liquid-Piston Engine Compressor for Compact Robot Power Abstract   PDF
Nithin Kumar, Mark Hofacker, Eric Barth
Vol 3 (2007): Design of an External Combustion Engine and its Application in a Free Piston Compressor Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Hogan Webb
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal D.H. Lawrence's Death Eaters in Women in Love Abstract   PDF
Kristin Elizabeth Rose
Vol 7 (2011): Easily Frustrated Infants: Implications for Emotion Regulation Strategies and Cognitive Functioning Abstract   PDF
Nikita P Rodrigues
Vol 2 (2006): Effect of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure on D2 Receptors and DAT in Rhesus Macaques Abstract   PDF
Jennifer R Pryweller
Vol 2 (2006): Effects of Childhood Stuttering on Attention Regulation in Emotionally Arousing Situations Abstract   PDF
Alison Lee Bush
Vol 9 (2013) Effects of Different Types of Educational Tracking on Achievement and Achievement Variance Abstract   PDF
Erika Anne Leicht
Vol 6 (2010): Environmental Pragmatism and its Application to Climate Change - The Moral Obligations of Developed and Developing Nations to Avert Climate Change as viewed through Technological Pragmatism Abstract   PDF
Francis J Simpson
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Executive Legislation and the Expansion of Presidential Power Abstract   PDF
Megan Covington
Vol 2 (2006): Expansionism, Slavery, and Sectionalism: James K. Polk and American Enlargement under the Fluctuating Forces of Manifest Destiny Abstract   PDF
David Fotouhi
Vol 5 (2009): F. Scott Fitzgerald: Writing Under the Influence of Europe Abstract   PDF
Tim Xu
Vol 6 (2010): Facial Perceptions: Age's Influence on People's Perceptions of Facial Modifications Abstract   PDF
Nascine Howell, Lindsey Erin Overhalser, Abigail Eliza Randall, Rachael Dillon
Vol 5 (2009): Forging an Iron Woman: On the effects of piracy on gender in the 18th century Caribbean Abstract   PDF
Christine Mae Hernandez
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 From the Editor Abstract   2011-2012 Editorial Staff
Tim Xu
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal From the Light and into the Dark: the Transformation to the Early Middle Ages Abstract   PDF
Arrush Choudhary
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal FXR as a Drug Target to Treat Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Stevens Ivy
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Gender Quotas: A Path to Empowerment? Abstract   PDF
Morgan Clark
Vol 6 (2010): Gender-based Persecution and US Asylum Policy Abstract   PDF
Samuel Jack Chaffin
Vol 5 (2009): G.I. Jane Joins the Band: WAC and the Andrews Sisters Details   PDF
Melanie Carol Erb
Vol 2 (2006): Herman Melville’s Politics of Imperialism: Colonizing and De-Colonizing Spaces of Ethnicity Abstract   PDF
Rachel A. Blumenthal
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 How the Built Environment Contributes to the Adolescent Obesity Epidemic: A Multifaceted Approach Abstract   PDF
Amy L. Lanza, Jamie Pope, Brian Mayrsohn
Vol 9 (2013) How the fear of death incites suicide in men and women according to Classical literature Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Stevens Ivy
Vol 2 (2006): Hydroxyl Tagging Velocimetry and Methods of Dynamic Image Analysis Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Hogan Webb
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Impacts of Global Christian Engagement on Economic Development vis-a-vis Human Trafficking Elimination Efforts Abstract   PDF
Rachel Ellen King
Eliot Martin
Vol 4 (2008): Iraq's Burgeoning Judiciary: Current Issues and the Best Way Forward Abstract   PDF
Justin Charles Roberts
Vol 6 (2010): Issues as Revealed by Hurricane Katrina: A New Federal Disaster Management Plan Details   PDF
Lynsey R Gaudioso
Vol 5 (2009): Judging a Book by its Album Cover: A Study of the Relationship Between Musical Preference and Personality Abstract   PDF
Louis Craig Dalrymple
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 "Just Get 'em in the Air" Abstract   PDF
Joshua S. Aronoff
Vol 1 (2005): Lady Six Sky and the Definition of Ritual Space at Naranjo Abstract   PDF
James Alan Doyle
Vol 1 (2005): Le Carnavalesque: La Passion Par Rapport à la Theorie de Mikhail Bakhtin Abstract   PDF
Jennifer L Montesi
Vol 4 (2008): Letters Home: Themes and Messages in Soldier Songs of the Second Iraq War Abstract   PDF
Daniel P Jansen
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Limb Regeneration in Humans: Micromanaging a Plastic Environment Abstract   PDF
Sarah A. Dunk
Vol 9 (2013) Mainstreaming Third-Gender Healers: The Changing Perceptions of South Asian Hijras Abstract   PDF
Pooja Jagadish
Vol 5 (2009): Making Money Grow on Trees: Forest Policy in Light of a Carbon Tax Abstract   PDF
Chester W Polson
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Mama/Reciprocal Energy: Reciprocity as an Agent of Identity Formation in the Works of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons Abstract   PDF
Christi L. Weinhuff
Vol 5 (2009): Marc Chagall's White Crucifixion: An Enduring Work of Political Art Abstract   PDF
Ariel M Kravitz
Vol 7 (2011): Measuring Radial Velocities of Low Mass Eclipsing Binaries Abstract   PDF
Rebecca E Rattray, Leslie Hebb, Keivan G Stassun
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Media and War Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Ellis
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Murphy vs. Domino in Florida's 18th Congressional District: A Case Study in Localizing Congressional Elections to Survive a Political Wave Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Alexander Greenberg
Vol 7 (2011): Nationalist Composers and Fiddle Music: A Reflection of Removal from Traditional Culture, with Specific Attention to Copland and Grieg Abstract   PDF
Rachel D Baiman
Vol 4 (2008): Naturalism and the Empfindsamerstil in 18th-Century Europe Abstract   PDF
Dean Whiteside
Vol 6 (2010): Next to Nora Abstract   PDF
Megan Taylor Seely
Vol 9 (2013) Note From The Editor Details   PDF
Blake Evans Dewey
Vol 4 (2008): OCD: An Analysis of Clinical Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Modern Society Abstract   PDF
Michael Yiran Ma
Vol 4 (2008): Off to a bad start: John Adams’s tussle over titles Abstract   PDF
James C Alexander
Vol 7 (2011): Omega-3 Fatty Acid Deficiencies: How Our Modern Diet Has Made Us Unhappy Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Glynne Long
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 One Final Message: The Painted Programs of Alexandrian Tombs Abstract   PDF
Rachel Witt
Vol 9 (2013) Opening a Political Opportunity for Women in China Abstract   PDF
Marco Jose Salgado
Vol 2 (2006): Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda: Reactionary Revolutionaries in the New Political Islam Abstract   PDF
Nathaniel Madison Cartmell IV
Vol 2 (2006): Overview of Editorial Review Board and Advisory Board Details   PDF
Warren Elliott Langevin
Vol 4 (2008): Overview of Editorial Review Board and Advisory Board Details   PDF
Lisa Guo
Vol 1 (2005): Overview of the Editorial Review Board and Advisory Board Details   PDF
Warren Elliott Langevin
Vol 5 (2009): Oxidative Stress Resistance and Viability of C. elegans in the Presence of Manganese through SKN-1 Protein Expression Abstract   PDF
Lauren Accacia Sequeira
Vol 1 (2005): Particle Identification in High Energy Collisions at RHIC Abstract   PDF
Brian T Love
Vol 1 (2005): Philosophical Arguments for Increased Aid to Developing Countries Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Scott Morris
Vol 9 (2013) Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Cardiac Sarcomere Protein Titin Through 3’ Untranslated Regions Abstract   PDF
Tara A Shrout
Vol 4 (2008): Protecting Society from Child Sex Offenders: A Proposal for Lowering Recidivism Rates Through an Analysis of the Prevailing Social Policy and Methodology of the U.S and Denmark Abstract   PDF
Evan J Kravitz
Vol 4 (2008): Quiet Rebellion: Emmy Hennings and the Politics of Subversion Abstract   PDF
Charles Terry Marcrum II
Vol 7 (2011): Reality and Existentialism in House of Leaves Abstract   PDF
Matthew Scott Scarano, Jennifer Ann Krause
Vol 3 (2007): Reform, Resentment, and Revolution: The Administration of Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia and Its Causal Effects on the 1948 Civil War in Costa Rica Abstract   PDF
David Fotouhi
Vol 2 (2006): Religion, Rhetoric, and Social Change after Hurricane Katrina Abstract   PDF
Anne Marie Arlinghaus
Vol 2 (2006): Re-Newing New Orleans: A Look at Why New Urbanism is the Key to Rebuilding New Orleans Abstract   PDF
Nicole M McKinney, Mallory Tacker
Vol 6 (2010): Risk and Regulation: Methylmercury Exposure and Fish Consumption Abstract   PDF
Jonathan M Gendzier
Vol 9 (2013) Romans 8: Dead to the Law, Alive in the Spirit Abstract   PDF
Tyler Lohse
Vol 9 (2013) Security of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Generalized Algorithm for Intrusion Detection and Determining Security Robustness of Cyber Physical Systems using Logical Truth Tables Abstract   PDF
Curtis G. Northcutt
Vol 9 (2013) Share-Issue Privatization in China: 2002-2008 Abstract   PDF
Karl Gressly
Vol 2 (2006): Sharing the Wealth in the "New NHL": The Implications of Revenue Sharing for Competitive Balance, Payroll Spending, and Profits Abstract   PDF
Taylor F Brinkman
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Should extinction be forever Abstract   PDF
Ashley Saulsberry
Vol 7 (2011): Sí Se Puede: Boycotting the Human Cost of Grapes in Delano, CA Abstract   PDF
Shuisum Lau
Vol 7 (2011): Siblings and Illness Abstract   PDF
Leah Sawyer Vanderwerp
Vol 7 (2011): Suicide: A Unique Epidemic in Japan Details   PDF
Magdalena M Wilson
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The Attempt to Author the World: How Intellectualism Denies the Individual Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth R. Wheelock
Vol 3 (2007): The Battered Women’s Syndrome: A History and Interpretation of the Law of Self-Defense as it Pertains to Battered Women who Kill their Husbands Abstract   PDF
Christina L England
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The Children’s Crusade: Creating the Student Voting Bloc Through McCarthy’s 1968 Campaign Abstract   PDF
Ashley Byrd
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Cosmological Mosaic in Mérida, Spain: Preserving Pagan Roman Tradition through Art Abstract   PDF
Zachary J. Richards
Vol 4 (2008): The design and implementation of a computer interface for a Raman spectrometer using the LabVIEW software package Abstract   PDF
Dan M Burger
Evan D Broder, Kristen M Cattoi, William B Clinkscales, Taylor S Triana
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The Effect of Circadian Alteration and Temperature on Reproductive Fitness in Cyanobacteria Abstract   PDF
Lowell A. Safren, Patrick Donahue, Tara Shrout, Aynalem Ameha, Hollie Black, Stephen Derryberry, Hayley Pionk, Abby Pribish
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The Effect of Infrastructure on Water-Related Diseases in Rural African Communities Abstract   PDF
Victoria M. Bates
Vol 1 (2005): The Effect of Recording Industry Lawsuits on the Market for Recorded Music Abstract   PDF
Ryan Thomas Holt
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Effectiveness of Arts in Trauma Intervention Abstract   PDF
Michael Thomas Zuch
Vol 5 (2009): The Effects of Caffeine on Sleep Patterns Among Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Lauren E Margolis
Vol 2 (2006): The Effects of Electoral Concerns on Presidential Foreign Policy: The Case of Ronald Reagan Abstract   PDF
Christopher S. Randolph, Jr.
Vol 5 (2009): The Effects of Social Deprivation within Orphanages on Parent- Child Attachment: How Adoption can Ameliorate Attachment Problems Abstract   PDF
Ariel Hilary Clemons
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Flexner Report and the African-American Health Experience: Black Collective Memory and Identity as Shaped by Afro-cultural Trauma and Re-membering Abstract   PDF
Jasmine Arrington
Vol 9 (2013) The Flight of the Nightingale: From Romans to Romantics Abstract   PDF
Kevin Patrick Milewski
Vol 3 (2007): The Greatest Show on Earth: A Study of the Red Cross' Front Row Seat at the Stage of Theresienstadt Abstract   PDF
Leslie C Esbrook
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Incongruous Self: Facing the Fallibility Abstract   PDF
Charlotte Gill
Vol 1 (2005): The Language of Ideology: Lingual Manipulation of Readers in German Literature of the Third Reich Abstract   PDF
Steven Michael Press
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The National Association of Professional Base Ball Players: The Origins of Professional Baseball and the American Identity Abstract   PDF
Eric Rosenberg
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The National Data Center and the Federal Information Network: A Paradox Abstract   PDF
Sean Cawley
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 The Practical Value of Personal truth and Liberation from Truth Abstract   PDF
Samuel Fogarty
Vol 4 (2008): The Reichstag and the New Berlin Abstract   PDF
Lauren Ann Ross
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Role of Intellectual Property in Collaborative Research: Crossing the “Valley of Death” by Turning Discovery Into Health Abstract   PDF
Nathan Pauly
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal The Route to Crisis: Cities, Trade, and Epidemics of the Roman Empire Abstract   PDF
Eriny Hanna
Vol 1 (2005): The Silent Protest Abstract   PDF
Jason Thomas Parker
Vol 1 (2005): The State of the Union: A History of the Labor Movement at Vanderbilt University Abstract   PDF
Jennifer M Carlisle
Vol 2 (2006): The Vanderbilt Concrete Canoe Design Project: The Little Engine that Canoed Abstract   PDF
Stephen Brian Schmitt
Vol 9 (2013) The Voiceless Colonizer: The Homosexual Man of Imperialism in Nineteenth Century Britain Abstract   PDF
Connor Douglas Henderson
Vol 9 (2013) The “Nightmare of History” in James Joyce’s Ulysses Abstract   PDF
Roby Evan Record Jehl
Vol 5 (2009): These Signs Shall Follow: the serpent-handling Christians of Appalachia Abstract   PDF
Aja L. Bain
Vol 4 (2008): They Moved the Earth: The Slaves Who Built the Tennessee State Capitol Abstract   PDF
Thomas Joseph Broderick IV
Vol 6 (2010): Travel, Art and Changing Goals of the Grand Tour: The British in Eighteenth Century Venice Abstract   PDF
Jessica B Manire
Vol 10 (2015): Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal Triglyceride Regulation of Lysosomal Cholesterol in THP-1 Macrophages Abstract   PDF
Robert Dorrell
Vol 6 (2010): Understanding the Economic Implications & Constraints of U.S. Multilateral & Bilateral Free Trade Agreements by Analyzing NAFTA and the U.S.-Colombian FTA Abstract   PDF
Fabiani A Duarte, Fabiani A Duarte
Vol 1 (2005): Value, Morality, and Ethics Abstract   PDF
Dustin Marcus Feigerle
Vol 3 (2007): Vanderbilt Biodiesel Initiative Abstract   PDF
William O Runge, Amelia Cousins
Vol 8 (2012): July 2012 Walt Whitman and Expansionary Idealism Abstract   PDF
Brian J. Rizzo
Vol 4 (2008): Wee Warriors: Youth Involvement in the Norther Irish Troubles Abstract   PDF
Sam R Neill
Vol 7 (2011): Welcome Details   PDF
Jessica L Miles
Vol 5 (2009): Welcome 2009 Details   PDF
Leslie Esbrook
Vol 6 (2010): Welcome_2010 Details   PDF
Leslie C Esbrook
Vol 9 (2013) What is the literary function of the motherhood motif in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy? Abstract   PDF
Steve Monk
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